The Ideal Sleeping Surface Temperature 31ºC – 32ºC

The ideal sleeping surface temperature should be in the range of 31ºC – 32ºC to provide for a comfortable night's sleep.

The temperature regulating property of GelFlex Plus viscoelastic foam is unique. It will ensure that you will always be sleeping at a comfortable temperature unlike conventional memory foam which often becomes and remains too hot.

The Evolution

The Evolution of Memory Foam Technology

  • 1966 NASA develops viscoelastic (memory) foam
  • 1992 Tempur-Pedic introduces memory foam mattresses to North America
  • 2001 Domfoam produces Open Cell memory foam with enhanced cooling properties
  • 2011 Domfoam produces GelFlex memory foam incorporating gel particles for additional cooling and pressure relief properties
  • 2013 Domfoam introduces GelFlex Plus foam with all the benefits of Open Cell and GelFlex technology plus temperature regulation

Minimum Heat Build Up!

Gelflex Domfoam

GelFlex Plus dissipates heat rapidly in a more comfortable sleeping surface.

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